Royale Atmos – paint that purifies air

Royale Atmos wall

Asian Paints is India’s one of the leading paint manufacturing company. It manufactures high quality interior and exterior paints. It uses state of the art technologies to make paints which suit your preferences and requirements. In its best in class series, it has launched “Royale Atmos” which they call “Air purifying paint”. Its an innovative paint. As the name suggests it purifies the air inside the house by absorbing the bad odours by its revolutionary activated carbon technology and in turn spreads fragrance to make the inner atmosphere fresh.

Features: The key features of the Royale Atmos are furnished below:

  1. Royale Atmos uses activated carbon technology which one of the state of the art technologies used in India.
  2. It helps in eliminating all type of organic and inorganic foul smells like smoke, ammonia, garlic, onion, rotten eggs etc by absorbing it and gives your home a soothing fresh fragrance.
  3. It reduces the stinky chemical smell of formaldehyde, one of the key ingredients of paint, by 80-85% within 24 hours of painting and thus makes the indoor air cleaner and healthier to live and breathe even upto 2 years of painting.
  4. Royale Atmos does not contain any toxins. Its volatile organic compound content is less than 0.01% by weight which is almost considered as NIL.
  5. Its smooth matt finish gives your interiors an ambient look.
  6. It comes with Teflon surface protector which increases the strength of paint film and hence increases its durability. It also protects the walls against toughest day to day household and water based stains e.g. stains of pencil, crayons, tea, coffee, turmeric etc.
  7. Royale Atmos is available in more than 1750 shades giving the customers plenty of options to paint as per their flavour.

beautiful wallRoyale Atmos wall

The above features of Royale Atmos makes it unique among all the paints available in Indian market.

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