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Preparation of site plan and building plan is the first step towards planning of a home. These plans show all the relevant and minute details of the plot and structure planned to be constructed. Services of qualified Architects or Civil Engineers should be taken for preparation of site plan and building plan.  You may ask them to prepare the building plan complying the rules of vastushastra. Before starting any construction activities, these plans should be got approved from the local authorities.


Site Plan

A site plan is a drawing of the site (plot) where the home or building is proposed to be constructed, showing all its relevant details. The site plan should be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:500. The site plan should show the following details:

  1. The boundaries of the site showing adjacent lands and neighbouring streets.
  2. The name of the streets near the site showing their width also.
  3. All existing buildings or structures standing on, over or under and near the site including service lines and their position.
  4. Position of the building proposed to be constructed within the site and space to be left around it, in order to secure free circulation of air and admission of light.
  5. The direction of North point relative to the site plan.
  6. Location of any other physical features such as wells, drains etc.
  7. Other such particulars which may be prescribed by the local authorities.


Building Plan

A building plan is a drawing of the house or building showing its details such as plan, elevation, structural details etc. The building plan should be drawn to a scale of 1:100. A building plan should show the following details:

  1. Floor plans of all floors together with the covered area clearly indicating their sizes.
  2. Size of all the rooms and the position of staircases and ramps (if any).
  3. Name of all parts of the buildings stating their purpose of occupancy.
  4. Exact location of essential services, like WC, sink, bath etc.
  5. Terrace plan showing the drainage and the slope of the roof.
  6. At least one elevation from the front showing height of building and rooms and also the height of parapet wall and at least one section through the staircase clearly indicating all the dimensions.
  7. Structural details with appropriate sections showing type and arrangement of footings, foundations, basement walls, structural load bearing walls, columns and beams.
  8. Size and location of doors, windows, ventilators and other openings.
  9. The direction of the North point relative to the plan.

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