Standard weight of Steel bars

Steel Bars

Steel bars or rods are an integral part of reinforced cement concrete. Steel prevents structures to fail in tension. Therefore purchasing good steel is very essential. Read our article on Buying Tips for Steel Bars.

It is always advised to purchase steel of reputed brand which has been approved by ISI (Bureau of Indian Standards). However, generally a common man does not conduct any chemical or physical test while purchasing steel bars for construction of his dream home. But still there is a method which does not need any expertise. Taking weight of one meter long steel bar is an important and proven method to determine the quality of steel bars to be used for construction or other purposes. Before purchase cut a one meter long piece of the desired diameter of steel bar and take weight of it. If it matches with the standard weight, then it can be purchased without any hesitation.

The standard weight of one meter long steel bar of different diameters (which are commonly used in home construction) is furnished below.


Diameter (mm) Weight (Kg.)
8 0.39
10 0.62
12 0.89
16 1.58
20 2.47
25 3.85


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