Storage and stacking of materials


Storage of materials is an important aspect in the whole process of construction. Any carelessness in storage methods may lead to deterioration of the materials and simultaneously increase in the cost of whole project.

  1. The materials to be used in large quantities like Sand, Aggregates, Bricks, Steel rods etc. should be stacked near the site, otherwise re-handling of these materials will increase cost of construction.
  2. The materials should not be stacked too close to obstruct the construction work.
  3. The materials likely to deteriorate like cement, lime, wooden frames etc. Should be stored in a shed.
  4. Stacking of materials should be systematic to facilitate counting.
  5. The materials procured first should be used first.
  6. Similar materials should be stacked side by side.
  7. Care should be taken in the storage and stacking of cement bags. The cement bags should be stacked 30cm away from the walls on a raised platform at least 15 cm high. One stack should have maximum 15 cement bags. It will be preferable to keep the stacks on a polythene sheet so that dampness could not creep in.
  8. The height of brick stacks should not be more than 1.5m and tiles stack 1m.

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