Strength of cement and concrete with age

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The strength of cement decreases as the age passes. In other words, the strength of cement is very low in comparison to that on the production day.  The following table shows how the strength of cement decreases with the passage of time.

Period of storage of cement (month) Approx. relative strength at (28 days percent)
0 100
3 80
6 70
12 60
24 50

In view of the above, it is always advised to use only fresh cement i.e. the cement produced within 1 or 2 months. Also never buy cement in large quantities. Instead, buy cement at regular interval of time depending upon the quantity which can be exhausted within 1 or 2 week.


But in the case of concrete, the strength increases with the passage of time, of course proper curing has to be done for the stipulated period i.e. at least for 7 days. The following table shows the strength of concrete with respect to its age.

Age of concrete Approx. Strength (percent)
1 day 16
3 days 40
7 days 67
28 days 100
3 months 122
6 months 146
12 months 155


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  1. I hadn’t known that concrete tends to get stronger with time while cement tends to get weaker. Truth is, I usually consider the two materials as more or less interchangeable, and I probably couldn’t tell you the difference between them. However, at least now I know that concrete is generally pretty durable over time. Thanks for the article!

  2. I didn’t realize that stored cement could slowly start loosing it’s strength. I’ve never bought it in bulk before, but now I know that is a terrible idea. Hopefully more people know this than not and haven’t used weak cement in their building.

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