Stripping time of Formworks


Forms (Shuttering plates/boards) shall not be released until the concrete has achieved strength of at least twice the stress to which the concrete may be subjected at the time of removal of formwork. The strength referred to shall be that of concrete using the same cement and aggregates and admixture, if any, with the same proportions and cured under conditions of temperature and moisture similar to those existing on the work. As per IS 456-2000, following are the stripping time for various types of Formworks.

Type of Formwork

Minimum Period

Before Striking


A) Vertical formwork to columns, walls, beams


16-24 hrs

B) Soffit formwork to slabs(Props to be refixed immediately after removal of formwork)

3 days

C) Soffit formwork to beams

(Props to be refixed immediately after removal of formwork)

 7 days
D) Props to slabs:

1) Spanning up to 4.5 m

2) Spanning over 4.5 m

7 days

14 days

E) Props to beams and arches:

1) Spanning up to 6 m

2) Spanning over 6 m

14 days

21 days

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