What is Super Built-up Area and Built-up Area?


When we visit any apartment or read its brochure, we hear or read two common words i.e. Super built-up area and Built-up area. These two words appear to be confusing to lot of us as both the words sound common. Therefore arriving on any decision of purchase, we should first clearly understand these two words.


Super Built-up Area: It is the sum of Built-up area and proportionate area of common spaces. These common spaces include corridors, staircases, lifts, clubhouse, swimming pool, security room, generator room etc. Generally builders quote their prices on the basis of Super Built-up area. That is why it is also called Saleable area.

Super Built-up Area = Carpet Area + Proportionate common area


Built-up Area: It is the sum of Carpet Area and area covered by thickness of walls. It also includes the area of balcony, terrace and other habitable areas. Built-up area is the 70-80% of the Super built-up area.

Built-up Area = Carpet Area + Area of walls + Other habitable area (if any)

Therefore, when the builder says that the Super built-up area is 1000 sq ft, then the Built-up area will be somewhat near 700-800 sq ft out of which the usable area will be 560-640 sq ft. So before taking any decision on purchasing an apartment, ask the builder to specify the Super built-up area, Built-up area and Carpet area clearly.

The above details will certainly help you in understanding how much space the builder is selling you.

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