Things to be taken care during Electrical wiring

Electrical mistakes are common in each and every house that may be dangerous for residents. When you are designing your dream home you must be aware about the electrical mistakes and its effects. Because when you start living in the home and experience the electric faults it may be panic for you. So make sure you do the following to ensure good electric works.

  1. Always hire a professional or good electrician for all electric works including wiring of your home.
  2. All electric works and installations should comply with latest Indian Electricity Acts and Rules in all respects. (Read more about Home wiring rules as per ISI specifications)
  3. All materials to be used in electrical fittings should be of approved and from a reputed manufacturer as per ISI specifications. Never use low quality materials as it may cause fatal accidents.
  4. Make sure that electrician has calculated total load from various items that would be used in the house. (Read more about How to calculate consumption of electrical appliances?)
  5. A lot of times it is seen that electricians are careless while using right load bearing wires for wiring purpose and these wires get burnt when entire load is put on wires. Therefore, make sure that the wires being used for wiring are capable of taking total load.
  6. Wires should be at least 30 mm far away from the electric box or wooden frame so that the wires are not cut or punched at the time of nailing. Wires should be installed carefully otherwise it may cause electric shock or short circuiting.
  7. It is important to install standard length wire in the junction box. Generally 150 mm long wire in box is enough to make proper connection. Also too much wire should not be left in junction box that may damage the wire.
  8. Use separate holes for different electric lines. It will help you to avoid electric shocks. If it is not possible to have different hole for all electric lines then pass minimum wires from the hole. Too much wire passing from a hole may cause friction burns at the time of pulling of wire.
  9. Always use MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) as it provides protection against over loads and short circuits and save wires, cables and equipments.
  10. Provide proper earthing to the wiring as it saves human life from danger of electric shock or death. (Read more about Earthing in home)


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