Things to remember while laying water supply system


Proper planning of water supply system of house during construction is very much essential because starting from construction to completion and further living in that house, water is required at every moment. The total daily water requirement of a house depends on the number of the members of the house. Generally one person requires 135 litres of water per day. Accordingly water requirement is calculated and the water supply system is planned. Here we have tried to list out some factors which we should keep in mind while laying the water supply system of the house.


  1. There should not be any cross connection between pipes carrying drinking water and waste water. Otherwise it may lead to contamination of water supply.
  2. Similarly there should be no backflow from any appliance towards the source of water supply.
  3. Number of joints and bends in the pipeline should be kept to the bare minimum. All joints in pipes should be leak proof and tested under full supply.
  4. The pipeline should be protected against any type of damage. Underground pipelines should be painted with bitumastic paint and enclosed in cement concrete with adequate earth cover.
  5. For water supply Copper pipe, Galvanised Iron (GI) pipe or Plastic (HDPE) pipes can be used. But generally GI pipes are widely used. GI pipes are available in three grades viz ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’, out of which grade ‘C’ pipe is the costliest and heavy duty. In construction of the house, grade ‘B’ (medium grade) pipes are generally used.
  6. Water storage tanks should be built on the roof top or in the basement depending upon the water pressure of the connection. The capacity of storage tank depends on the number of occupants, water supply hours and water pressure.
  7. Fixtures like water closets, taps, wash basins, pipes etc should be of good quality and from reputed manufacturers.
  8. The diameter of the service pipe (the connecting pipe from the distribution mains of the municipal water supply to the house) can be fixed on the basis of occupants in the house, as given in the following table:
Number of occupants 4 8 24 60
Diameter of service pipe (in mm) 12.5 20 25 30

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