Tips for Water used for construction

water used for construction

Water is one of the most important element in the whole construction process. Either it be concrete or cement mortar or curing, every time you need water. Therefore, it becomes necessary to check the quality of water which is being used. Here we have listed some checks which one should perform before using it.

water used for construction

1)  Water to be used for construction purpose should be clean and clear. In other words, water should be potable.

2) The water to be used should not contain any organic material.

3) Water used for both mixing and curing shall be free from injurious amounts of deleterious materials which are likely to affect the strength or durability of concrete.

4)  Water containing any sugar shall not be allowed for use. Water is to be tested in accordance with I.S. 456 of latest edition.

5)  The pH values of water shall generally be not less than 6.

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