What is TMT Steel Bar?

TMT steel bar means Thermo Mechanically Treated steel bar. TMT steel bar has good corrosion resistance property in comparison to tor steel bar and also has better welding ability. To achieve these features, the hot rolled steel wires are passed through a series of water jets. This process is called Quenching. Due to quenching, the temperature falls suddenly. This makes the outer surface hard and more durable. After quenching, the steel bars are subjected to atmospheric cooling in order to equalize the temperature of soft inner core and hard outer surface. This process makes the steel bar stronger than the tor steel bar.

TMT Steel Bar


Features of TMT steel bar:

  1. It has better ductility and malleability.
  2. It possesses high thermal resistance.
  3. It is more economical than tor steel bar.
  4. It has good welding ability. It doesn’t lose strength at welded joints.

Due to above features, TMT steel bar is widely used in construction industry.

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