UPVC Pipes – an economical alternative of conventional pipes

UPVC Pipes

UPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) pipes are an economical alternative of galvanized or cast iron pipes for water supply and waste water disposal. These pipes are easy to handle and install, relatively cheap and available in long lengths compared to metallic pipes. Due to its advantages over conventional pipes, these are widely used for plumbing purposes in households. Some of its advantages are listed below.

  1. UPVC pipes are found to be 30% more economical than galvanized or cast iron pipes.
  2. These are light weight, hence easy to carry. One tonne of UPVC pipes can take place of 6-8 tonnes of galvanised or cast iron pipes.
  3. Also due to its light weight, the laying and installation of these pipes are very easy. These can be cut by ordinary hack-saw blades and joined by glue. The joints are generally leak proof.
  4. Generally UPVC pipes are available in 6m length, which reduces number of joints as compared to the conventional metallic pipes. Also these are available in variable diameters ranging from 10mm to 150mm.
  5. As these pipes are flexible and corrosion resistant, hence can be laid over ground with adequate support to prevent sagging or underground on a bedding of sand or soil. Normally these don’t get fractured with load over it.
  6. The maintenance cost of UPVC pipes is very less in comparison to other pipes.
  7. UPVC pipes are fire resistant. They don’t catch fire easily.

Due to the above advantages and superior performance, UPVC pipes can last for at least more than 50 years.

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