Vastu Shastra


images (1)Various books and literatures on Vastu shastra are available in the market, with details of basics and principles to be followed from time of purchase of land, to site selection, to its construction and various other things. One can also find them in internet. But due to their impracticality and difficulty in execution, many a times it becomes difficult for a common man to understand the whole concept. Also lengthy details and explanations create confusions in the mind of a general person. But still people want to adopt the concept of Vastu shastra for the construction of their homes.

Considering the problems being faced by the general person a brief detail has been compiled which you can easily understand and adopt for your dream home.


Characteristics of Directions

 North: North is the Matrasthana. North should have open space owing to which the female progeny is done good.

North-East: This direction represents owner, children, prosperity, health and peace. If there is more open space and it has lower level, it affects positively.

East: East is the Pitrusthana. This direction should have more open space. It affects male progeny.

South-East: This direction represents health. It should be made the cooking place.

South: South represents money, crops, bliss and peace. The South must be higher and very little open space should be left in South.

South-West: This direction represents character and longevity. If the south-west is low and more open space is left its results are exactly the opposite.

West: West represents fame, victory and development. The West must be higher and less open space than East to be left open.

North-West: This place represents business, mind and friendship. This corner should not be covered.



Kitchen: Kitchen of the building should be planned in the South-East direction. South-East direction is also called “Agneya” cone. Read more

Puja Room: Puja Room should be planned in the North-East of the building, which is called “Ishan” cone. Read more

Master Bed Room: The owner’s Bed Room should be in the South-West portion. Read more

Staircase: The Staircase in clock-wise direction must be built in the South or West direction.

Bathroom & Toilet: These may be built in the West, South, North-West or South-East directions. W.C. should never be built in the North-East. Read more

Gate: Gate should be made in the North-East in East for East facing houses and North-East in North for North facing houses. The South face home, gate should be in South-East in South. For West facing homes, gate should be in West.

Balcony: Balconies may be built in the North and East directions.

Source of water: Well and the underground water storage tank should be constructed in the North-East. Overhead tank should be placed in the South-West.

Septic Tank: It should be dug in the Northern or Eastern side.

Compound Wall: The Southern and Western side wall should be thicker and higher than the Northern and Eastern side.

The roof and floor slope must be South to North or from West to East.

In North and East directions more space should be left in comparison to the South and West directions. Attempt should be made to leave open space all around the house.

High trees should be grown in the South-West portion.


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