Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

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Generally Bathroom and Toilet is the most neglected place in the house about which nobody cares. But these also need attention while deciding their place as they are the major source of negative energy in the home. Ideally Bathroom and Toilet should be constructed separate not attached. But due to space constraints nowadays these are constructed attached to each other. Keeping this in mind we have summarized below some tips about the vastu of Bathroom and Toilet for your dream home.

  • These may be built in the West, South, North-West or South-East directions.
  • Never locate an attached toilet South-East or South-West corner.
  • Toilet should be constructed about 1-2 feet higher than the ground level.
  • Inside Toilet, W.C. should be placed in West, South or North-West side of West but never be placed in the North-East side.
  • W.C. should be placed facing North or South direction.
  • Door of the toilet should be on East or North wall.
  • Shower and taps in bathroom can be fixed on Northern wall.
  • Mirror can be placed in the Northern or Eastern wall.
  • Washbasin should be placed in North-east side.
  • Geyser should ideally be placed in South-east corner.
  • Bathtub should be located in West portion.
  • Provide a small opening or ventilator in the toilet in East, West or North wall.
  • Prefer light colours for Bathroom and Toilet.
  • Avoid septic tank in South side of toilet.

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  1. as my plot is facing south i dont have space in north west direction for septic tank & have amble space in east side of the plot please suggest where to built the septic tank in this position

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