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Principles of Vastushastra help to create positive and happy environment in the house. As a parent everybody likes to see their children progressing in every sphere of life. For this lots of things are responsible which can help a child to succeed in his life. Among these, vastu of the house especially children room also plays a vital role in their success.

We all know, children room is the place of fun, play, recreation and education. Therefore, it needs care while placing the things at proper locations within the room so that positive atmosphere can be created.

Based on the basic vastu principles we have summarized some tips for the children room.

  1. Children room should be placed in the West direction of the house.
  2. The bed should be placed in the South-west portion of the room so that the child should sleep keeping his head in the South or East direction.
  3. The position of the entrance should be in the East or North direction and it should not face the bed of the child.
  4. Furniture should be placed in the South-west direction.
  5. Study table should face East, North or North-east.
  6. Place all the furniture at least 3 inches away from the walls
  7. Cabinets and closets should be placed in South or West direction.
  8. Computer or laptop should be placed in the North direction.
  9. Provide good lighting arrangements in the room especially in the South-east direction. Avoid placing lamps on the study table.
  10. Avoid placing any mirror in the children room.

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