Vastu Tips for Dining Hall

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The orientation of Dining Hall is considered with the situation that sun rays should fall on that area, because sun rays will kill all the harmful bacteria present in the stored food.

Here are some basic points one must keep in mind while designing Dining Hall.

  1. The most preferred direction for Dining Hall is the West corner of the house. However, if it not possible to set the Dining Hall in West then one can consider the South direction also.
  2. Dining hall should be set in adjacent to the Kitchen but never to the Toilet.
  3. The main door of the house and of the Dining Room should not face each other.
  4. The door of Puja Room or Toilet should not open in front of Dining Hall.
  5. The wash basin should be in East or Northwest side of the room.
  6. The shape of the dining table should be perfect square or rectangle.
  7. Dining table should not stick to the wall. But if it is unavoidable due to space constraints, then face it towards West of South. In no condition the dining table should stick to the Northeast corner.
  8. If you want to place a refrigerator in the dining room, it should be in southeast direction.
  9. While eating the members should face the East or North but never South.

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