Vastu Tips for Plants and Trees

Vastu tips for plants

Plants and trees play an important role in creating positive and happy environment in the house. They purify the air inside and around the house which brings good health and prosperity. Vastu shastra also recommends plants and trees which should or should not be grown inside or around our home. Some of them are listed below.

  1. The most common plant found in every household in India is the Basil plant popularly known as Tulsi plant. It is grown not only due to its religious importance but also due to its medicinal properties. As per vastu, Tulsi plant should be grown in the North, East and North-east direction of the house. It may also be planted in the front or back side of the house.
  2. Flowering plants like Rose, Marigold, Jasmine etc. are good to be grown around the house as per vastu, as they emanate positive energy. These should be planted in the South-west part of the house.
  3. Fruit plants should be grown in the East side of the house.
  4. Thorny plants like Cactus, should not be grown inside, as they spread negative energy. Similarly Bonsai plants should also be avoided to be grown inside the house.
  5. Money plant and Bamboo plant are also one of the most common plants, which are believed to fetch good luck and prosperity to the residents of the house. Hence one should keep them inside their home.
  6. Crawling plants should be grown near the entrance. But it should be ensured that it should not rise on the boundary wall.
  7. Big and high trees should not be grown in front of the house. Though you can grow them in the South, West and South-west direction of the house. Care should be taken that the big trees should be grown sufficiently away from the home otherwise its roots may cause damage to the foundation.
  8. Sacred trees like Banyan and Peepal tree should not be grown near the house. These should be grown near temple or any place of worship only.
  9. Small trees can be grown in the East and North direction of the house but never in the North-east side.

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