What is Carpet area?

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Carpet area of a building or a house is the useful area or liveable area or lettable area. This is the total floor area minus the Circulation area (verandahs, corridors, passages, lifts, entrance hall etc.) and many other non-usable areas such as bath, W.C., stores etc.

The Carpet area of a building or house shall be the floor area excluding the following:

  1. Sanitary accommodation (bath & W.C.)
  2. Verandah
  3. Corridors and passages
  4. Kitchen
  5. Stores
  6. Entrance hall and porches
  7. Staircase and mumties
  8. Shafts for lifts
  9. Garages
  10. Air conditioning ducts

The Carpet area of a building may be 50% to 65% of the Plinth area of building with a target of 65%. For a framed structure, multi-storeyed building, the area occupied by the walls may be 5% to 10% of the Plinth area (3% for external walls and 2% for internal walls) for ordinary building without the Plinth area.

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