What is Flooring?

Marble Flooring

Flooring is the process of providing clean, smooth, durable and impervious levelled surface to the occupants of the house and the said surface is called Floor. The Floor should be hard, durable and sufficiently strong to withstand the loads coming over it.

Process of Flooring:

All the floors consist of two main components

  1. Floor base: At ground level the floor base consists of layers of various materials. The purpose of the floor base is to provide a strong and unsinkable surface to the floor covering. First of all the filled up soil is watered and rammed properly. Above it a layer of boulders or broken bricks of at least 300mm is provided and rammed properly. Now a layer of 150mm thick cement concrete is laid to provide a level surface for the floor covering. Other than ground floor i.e. 1st floor, 2nd floors etc. the roof slab itself acts as a floor base.
  2. Floor covering: This is a layer of materials like Tiles, Mosaic, Marble etc. laidMarble Flooring over the floor base. The name of the floor is determined by the materials used for floor covering. The choice of flooring material depends upon several factors. Commonly Cement concrete flooring is used most of the houses. But now a days Tiled Flooring, Marble Flooring and PVC flooring are becoming a hot trend in modern houses as they provide trendy look to the flooring.

Types of Flooring: Though there are various types of flooring adopted as per the suitability and requirement. But among them only few flooring are used in most of the houses which are listed below:

  1. Cement concrete flooring
  2. Mosaic flooring
  3. Terrazzo flooring
  4. Kota stone flooring
  5. Marble flooring
  6. Tiled flooring
  7. Wooden flooring
  8. PVC flooring

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