What is Formwork?

what is formwork

Formwork is a temporary structure used as a mould to cast the members of the structure at work site. Shuttering is the most common name of it. It is also known as False-work. Formwork is erected at its correct position before concrete is poured in it. Poured cement concrete is consolidated in the formwork and allowed to harden to gain strength. The formwork is allowed is allowed to remain in position till the poured concrete gains sufficient strength. After this the formwork is removed. The process of removing formwork is known as Stripping. Read Stripping time of Formworks




Requirements of good Formwork:

  1. The material from which the formwork is made, should be cheaply and abundantly available in the local market.
  2. It should be sufficiently rigid so that excessive deflections do not occur while concreting.
  3. It should be strong enough to resist effectively all the loads coming on it.
  4. It should be easy to erect and strip.
  5. Support on which formwork rests should be strong and non-yielding.
  6. All the joints of formwork should be stiff and strong.
  7. Surface of the formwork coming in contact with the concrete, should be smooth.
  8. It should be water proof so that it may not affect water content of the concrete by absorbing some of the water from it.

Generally formwork made from Timber and Steel is used in construction of home. Both have their own advantages. Timber forms are economical and can be made in any shape and size as per requirement. On other hand, Steel forms are stronger, even, smooth and can be repeatedly used for a number of times.

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