What is Plinth area?

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Plinth area is the built up covered area of a building measured at floor level of any storey. Plinth area is calculated by taking external dimensions of the building at floor level.

The following shall be included in the Plinth area:

  1. All floor area of walls at the floor level excluding plinth offsets, if any.
  2. Internal shafts for sanitary installations having area less than 2 sq.m., air condition ducts, lifts etc.
  3. The area of mumty room at terrace level.
  4. Area of porches other than cantilevered.

The following shall not be included in the Plinth area:

  1. Area of loft.
  2. Internal sanitary shafts more than 2 sq.m. in area.
  3. Enclosed balconies, courtyard, open areas, cantilever projections etc.
  4. Towers, sunshade, domes etc. projecting above the terrace level, not forming a storey at terrace level.
  5. Architectural bonds, cornices etc.
  6. Sunshades, vertical sun breakers of box louvers projecting out.

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